AMG EXPERT REVIEW: Perhaps more so in jazz than in any other genre, the name of a record label carries implications about the music released by it. To many, Impulse! means one thing, Blue Note another. And to many, the name Knitting Factory calls to mind a brand of New York skronk that, while undeniably important, is difficult for one to listen to. That's what makes this album such a pleasant surprise. Pianist Mick Rossi has created an album more reminiscent of the avant-garde of '70s Chicago than '90s New York. The difference? A sense of fun. Also, a group of musicians well-schooled in the genres and rules they choose to depart from. In that vein, this record recalls those of Lennie Tristano and Lee Konitz more than the atonal crunching of Zorn and that crew. A variety of tones and textures are provided by Dave Douglas (trumpet) and Andy Laster (saxes), who prove themselves sensitive and responsive musicians who listen to each other instead of crowd for space. Kermit Driscoll and Charles Descarfino provide a rock-solid foundation. I hope more of this stuff is happening in New York. - Rob Ferrier

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