Mick Rossi - "They Have A Word For Everything" (Knitting Factory KFR-256)

After the excellent "Inside The Sphere" [Cadence], "They Have A Word For Everything" has the potential to give Mick Rossi the recognition he deserves because of both the quality of the music and the more widespread distribution of Knitting Factory Records. The evident classical background gives this CD an almost 'european' feel. This comes true especially thanks to Mr. Rossi's piano style and the balance between written and improvised parts. If Monk were born in Europe and had been deeply immersed in classical music, that's probably how it would have sounded like. In this setting Dave Douglas and Andy Laster leave an impressive mark. "Whatever" and "I Stop There" are two of the most beautiful tunes and in their almost minimalistic spiralling they are close in spirit to Diango Bates' and Iain Ballamy's First House Cds on ECM. The title-track is simply one of the most beautiful compositions that have been written lately and it is perfectly followed up by "Don't Call Me Here," so encapsulating in a few minutes the whole history of piano in the last 150 years (from Satie to Jarrett) - but, unlike juxtaposing the various influences a' la Zorn - this music finds a successful synthesis. Another great album from the thriving NY downtown scene." - Luigi Santosuosso, Musicboom

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May 2000